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Unleash your potential with Heat & Chill!

Move with power & grace. Because pain shouldn’t hold YOU  back.

Basketball Player
Marathon Runners
Biking Together

What Makes Us...Us. 

Crafting Relief with Heart and Science

Just Add Wellness (JAW) was born from a need—a personal crusade against joint pain that hinders the flow of life. Our founder, Ingrid, brought to the world Heat and Chill, not just as products but as solution for easier mobility. They are the culmination of high-quality, well-sourced ingredients blended with the wisdom of someone who understands pain intimately.

Ingrid's formula is no ordinary concoction; it is a synergy of science and nature, designed to offer temporary respite from the aches that life throws at us. Because when pain starts to hit different,  when you enter your 40's or beyond, pain should not dictate your pace.

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